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About Rupa Patil
Hi, I am Rupa Patil, Mom of adorable 8 year old boy and 9 year old Labrador Retriever.

For over 2 decades, I've worked with Top International Companies, Brands & People. I run Businesses both Offline & Online. I've invested over 20 years in studying Leadership, Businesses, Masterminds and Knowledge Industry. Some of my Trainers are: T. Harv Eker, Blair Singer, Tony Robbins, Dean Graziosi, Russell Brunson, Robert Raymond Riopel, Mac Attram etc. 

I am on a MISSION to help 10,000 people become Transformational Heart LeadersWho are driven not only by income, but also by impact. Join me in this Global #HeartLeaders movement & get instant access to Free Resources, Click here 

I'm a Certified MASTERMIND Professional, Trainer, Coach, Event Planner.
I'm host of a Video Podcast Show: Masterminds Fireside Chat
And Author of an eBook: Beyond Personal Loss 

I've served corporates like Amazon, Lenovo, Pearson Education, L&T, Zuari Cement. And amazing people from over 16 Countries, through my Trainings, Coaching & Masterminds. & I look forward to SERVE YOU

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High Level Masterminds

Participate in a High Level Mastermind

Business Leaders Mastermind

Experience a truly powerful Mastermind for Exponential Personal & Professional Growth 

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As a Business Leader, you're NOT alone. Especially, if you Mastermind with like minded Business Leaders who are Committed to YOUR Success. I invite you to: Business Leaders MASTERMIND to experience the Power of: a High Level Mastermind. Book a Trial Session for $75 instead of $166

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Live, Result Oriented 3-Day Long 

Personal Brand Kickstarter Challenge

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Have you shied away from Videos & Personal Branding, because it seemed too scary, complicated or ExpensiveThen this is for you!
3 Things you'll learn from this LIVE 3-Day challenge: 

1. How to create a rock-solid foundation for your personal brand that magnetizes prospects & grabs media interviewers' attention?
2. How to ensure that your personal branding stays consistent & strong, especially in challenging times?
3. How to convert your video appearances into your marketing tool, without doing any hard selling and where to find Podcasters to interview you (for FREE)?

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2 Currently Trending Online Businesses

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eBook + FREE Tool

Beyond Personal Loss

Convert your Personal Loss into an Unfair Advantage

eBook: Beyond Personal Loss - by Rupa Patil
This easy to read ebook is dedicated to those who are looking at moving beyond their Personal Loss. To convert your Personal Loss into an Unfair Advantage, to live a Freedom Lifestyle, using extremely simple to follow instructions, suggestions and BONUS Freebie: Personal Loss Audit Tool
Target Audience Clarity Tool

Target Audience Clarity Tool

Know your "IDEAL BUYER" in less than 24 hours, for High Quality Leads & Exponential Sales

It's taken me YEARS of research, experimentation and testing to come up with a Practical tool like this one. This tool has easy "fill in the blanks" template of over 60 carefully considered questions to help you deep dive into your Target Audience Clarity... All you need to do is use your best ability & imagination, to fill in the blanks! 

🔥 With this Tool, within 24 hours, you will have your IDEAL BUYER persona ready!

What Others Have to Say...

"Rupa has a big passion and a big heart which is demonstrated in the way she connects with others through her world class Certified Masterminding, Leadership Executive coaching and event planning skills. 
Those who are honored to be trained or coached by Rupa Patil receive the very best of the best in order receive the important tools and strategies to live a dream freedom lifestyle."

- Linda Attram 
(London, United Kingdom) 
Founder of Mothers in Business

In Gratitude to RUPA. I was given an opportunity by Rupa, to attend a "Business Leaders MASTERMIND". It was an Amazingly conducted Mastermind where each of the Business Owner from a different industry could contribute to the gathered group's Energy levels holistically. Each of us got these 3 takeaways :
1. Multiple perspectives to solve our biggest challenge, to get clarity and to take action within 24 hours.
2. An opportunity to help others with our current Expertise & Experience, as part of our contribution.
3. Unconditional support from other like minded Business Leaders, committed to each other's SUCCESS.

I must admit the Professionalism with which Rupa conducted the MASTERMIND, with EASE and ELAN. Acknowledging the participants as well as rightly being in control of the proceedings all through. She's extremely talented at this and comes across as a Wonderful human being. 

- Sree Veni, India
Self-worth Influencer | Infopreneur | Facilitator | Image Consultant I Trainer

I have attended several of Rupa's trainings and its very rare to see someone so vested in their audience. She truly cares about the growth of each individual and is always finding ways to liven her trainings and engage everyone! The trainings are informative, clear and easy to implement. 

You will celebrate that you have taken the classes! Great work!

- Ritu Pasrija, USA

"Rupa Teaches & inspires. When attending her short seminar, I discovered a new topic which I will start Teaching soon. I Highly recommend Rupa's Trainings"

- Wolfgang Steinmanm

"We've a bad habit of giving away our knowledge for Free. 
But to learn how to make Profits from your knowledge, sign up for one of her programs, with Rupa" 

- Vaibhav Raje 

"One of the Tips given by Rupa increased my Productivity by 50%. Also, contact Rupa to convert your current knowledge into extra income, in 30 days!"

- Hemanth Kumar

"Rupa is very inspiring, energetic & on every interaction she adds value that grows your business. So, to convert your ideas into income, attend her Seminars "

- Sachin Rane 

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I am on a MISSION to help 10,000 people become: Transformational Heart Leaders, who are driven not only by income, but also by IMPACT
Join me & Other Global Heart Centered Leaders, in this Movement, as we are off to transform 100 Million Lives...
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Rupa Patil
Bangalore, India
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Trainer, Coach, Author & Podcast Host
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