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I'm on a Mission to support at least 10,000 Heart-Centered Entrepreneurs, who are driven not only by Income, but also by Impact. To help them grow personally, professionally & financially 

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I am a Certified Mastermind Professional, an international Business Trainer, Coach, Author & Speaker.  I've been a Business Mentor with Google & Sheroes' Accelerator for Rural Women Entrepreneurs of India & 
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Idara Udoh, Nigeria
Business Coach, Network Marketer and Author
“Rupa has been an exceptionally Mentor! She simplifies the learning process and makes it so interesting. Working with her has made me learn and achieve more. I like her energy level and Rupa over-deliver value always. 

I would recommend her to anyone who is determined to learn.”
Sreeveni, India
Self-worth Influencer, Image Consultant, Trainer
In Gratitude to RUPA. I was given an opportunity by Rupa, to attend a "Business Leaders MASTERMIND". 
It was an Amazingly conducted Mastermind where each of the Business Owner from a different industry could contribute to the gathered group's Energy levels holistically. Each of us got these 3 takeaways :

1. Multiple perspectives to solve our biggest challenge, to get clarity and to take action within 24 hours.
2. An opportunity to help others with our current Expertise & Experience, as part of our contribution.
3. Unconditional support from other like minded Business Leaders, committed to each other's SUCCESS.

I must admit the Professionalism with which Rupa conducted the MASTERMIND, with EASE and ELAN. Acknowledging the participants as well as rightly being in control of the proceedings all through. She's extremely talented at this and comes across as a Wonderful human being. 
I have attended several of Rupa's trainings and its very rare to see someone so vested in their audience. She truly cares about the growth of each individual and is always finding ways to liven her trainings and engage everyone! The trainings are informative, clear and easy to implement. 

You will celebrate that you have taken the classes! Great work!
Ritu Pasrija, USA
Child Development Coach & Mindfulness Expert
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